Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Comings and Goings

We will be in the Anchorage/Mat-su area until August. We hope to see many of you as well as to use our time to plan our return to Selawik. There are many things we need to improve and change.

Our Selawik Seekers Pathfinder club started well, but attendance has dwindled especially after school let out. We did get became well acquainted with a girl who stood out from the first time we met her. In her words from our first meeting “teacher says I talk too much”. Talkativeness is not a common trait here. She and her sister became two of our strongest attendees. Last week they moved to Kiana with their parents. Today they called us which we really enjoyed. We will miss them, but it may help us as we have been discussing moving out in visiting other villages which has been in the back of our minds to do since we came. Now we have an entry point in to Kiana, a reason to go.

Today we had an encouraging talk with a woman who has recently moved to Selawik. Her sons seemed different, more respectful when Warren met them last week and invited them over. It was a real pleasure to meet her. I hope to become closer to her after our return.

Last week we had a real rainstorm. The girls wanted to go out in it, so the girls and I all got our raincoats on. It only took a short walk to get us quite wet, but we enjoyed every minute of it. Later I was reminded that rain like that is what the church needs to experience. We need to get deeper into the Bible and much, much deeper into prayer. The rain is there waiting if we will just walk out into it. The Holy Spirit calls “Come on in, the rain's great” I want to experience all the Spirit has for me, pray for me and I will pray for you.

(Showers of) Blessings,