Sunday, May 2, 2010

Before you ask, He will answer

It was Thursday night and Warren and I went for a walk. The subject of our financial situation came up. We were getting close to the bottom of the money barrel again. We came to no conclusion except that we felt less willing to leave than ever. It seems the longer we are here the more it feels that this is where we belong and where God wants us. Yes, there would benefits to leaving, but they would be only for our family, and that is not enough for us anymore.

We didn't feel the need to beg God's help; we were not worried. I felt God did want us to stay and was waiting to see how he would provide for us this time. He has kept us here for over four years by his faithfulness. He is so good.

Friday morning, Warren got a call offering him a part-time job helping to meet the needs of the community. It is a wonderful job that will help him get to know more of Selawik and their needs.
The past four years have been filled with adjusting to running a house in the Arctic, the radio project, and becoming familiar with the culture (though not in the systematic way we would like to have done). We have gotten to know many people, but there are also many we do not know.
This job should help with that. It also happens to mean that we will have the finances to stay.

I am reminded of the dream Ellen White had of the journey to heaven and the cords of faith that they trusted. My cord of faith has been growing gradually over the past four years and it has just gotten a little bigger.

So even if this job doesn't last long or work out as promised, we know God will provide for us in another way, and that is all we need to know.