Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a blessing!

First, I want to say that campmeeting was wonderful. God's spirit was truly there. Warren and I were excited to see the passion build for the mission in Alaska.

Unfortunately, while we were out of Selawik the greed monster reared it's head in my life. I spent about two or three weeks alternating shopping for kuspuk fabric and kuspuk sewing. First, I reduced my expectations. But finally I felt called to give up fabric I had bought for myself and dedicate to use in a kuspuk for someone else. When I did so, my kuspuk obsession gradually went away and I felt free again. God is so good. I wondered who I would be making this kuspuk for, I couldn't think of anyone who had a strong need for one, but I knew the fabric wasn't mine anymore.

A few days after our return, I had a visit of multiple blessings. Circumstances brought me to our new friend Mabel Berry's house. I noticed her kuspuk was quite worn, and planned to offer to make her the new kuspuk I would make. First, though I got to enjoy a good talk with her.

Then, I got to “talk” with her friendly great-grandson, Franklin who is about five months old. We were given some baby boys' clothes which I planned to give away up here. I offered them to Franklin's father. This was great for them, because he has only older sisters, so he wears girls clothes a lot.

Next, Mabel offered me some plant cuttings. I was so delighted because I had gotten some empty hanging planters at a sale a few months before, so I needed some cuttings, but hadn't asked yet. Ship a potted plant – I don't think so:-) I was even more delighted when she told me the plant was called Morning Prayer. I can't think of a better name for a plant I was given before I asked.

Finally it was time to leave, I was getting ready to broach the subject of the kuspuk, when Mabel started to talk about how her kuspuk had been damaged. It was much worse than I had seen. So I told her about my plan and told her I would make her a new kuspuk. Making a kuspuk for her feels much better than making one for myself.

Last night we held a Saturday evening vespers to give her a chance to get to church. It was so good to fellowship together with her. That was the greatest blessing of all.

Blessed in giving,