Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why I am glad we didn't go to campmeeting

Our family was fully anticipating a trip to Nome for Native campmeeting last weekend. Twelve people, in addition to our family, said they wanted to go. This was exciting. However, we knew space would be limited on the small planes that would be available to fly us. So not knowing the flight arrangements that had been made, we prepared to stay if they didn't have enough plane seats for all of us. This was Native campmeeting after all and we wanted them to have the first chance to go.

Then we discovered that there were only ten seats available for Selawik. Warren and I were praying and trying to find a workable option for everyone who wanted to go and would gain a blessing from it. Finally it seemed that it would truly be impossible for all to go. And now there were more than twelve that wanted to. We didn't want to "play God" and choose who could go and who had to stay. But I kept praying and telling myself that God would make a way, that he wanted everyone to go as much as I did.

God did make a way. Jim Kincaid had a charter to Kotzebue with two seats free. They could meet with the other ten from the two planned flights later in the afternoon. Two people from Kotzebue decided not to go, so that left two more Selawik seats on the 19 seat Bering Air charter to Nome. And we had several people who decided not to go as well, so we were back to twelve who wanted to go and they were ALL going. Amen, Hallelujah, and Praise the Lord, this was a blessing indeed. Getting to be in Nome ourselves couldn't possibly feel better than the joy we had that weekend. We have heard testimonies of the refreshment received by those who attended the meetings. They had a wonderful time with Jesus and his friends.

Truly our cups are overflowing, God is so good.