Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Warren's parents have been talking about coming up to Selawik for a visit for some time. Well, they finally they were ready and wanted to do a VBS with us. I was quite skeptical for our ability to handle a large crowd with just four adults, but they seemed very excited.

Warren suggested having a Jesus theme. We worked out a very basic outline focused on different people he interacted with and parables he told. This helped me to choose the crafts. We wanted really nice crafts that the kids would want to take home. I found birdhouses, wind chimes, an idea for flip-flops/Jesus sandals, air dry clay, and prayer journals. But we still weren't sure just when Warren's parents would come. Meanwhile Warren was asked to speak at the annual Memorial Weekend Singspiration at the Friends' Church (Sabbath evening, May 29).

On the last Wednesday of May Warren's parents told us they would be coming tomorrow and they would be here for less than two weeks. Now we really needed to hustle. The ice was going out on Thursday when they arrived and we took it easy watching it go. Friday was busy getting ready for Sabbath and choosing a snack menu.

I designed an announcement but it was stranded on my computer because of printer/computer issues . Warren wasn't available to fix things because he had an end-of-the-month food distribution workload (at his new job). I was hoping that he would have time on Friday to work on his talk that he had to give Saturday night at the Friends church. But he helped me with the finishing touch of the announcement and found time to work on his talk before Sabbath morning service while I posted one announcement.

Warren's talk at the Singspiration went well and we were grateful for the chance to share as brothers and sisters in Christ. Warren's parents were also given a chance to greet the people.

We posted our final announcements on Tuesday the day we began the VBS. Attendance was good and things went more smoothly once we began. I was very glad knowing that God had brought all our loose ends together and tied them so nicely.