Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in Touch

My last post feels like a lifetime ago, I have passed through so many phases. May was a month of questions for Warren and I. June was wonderful and we stayed outside as much as possible.

July found us in Anchorage attending suicide prevention meetings and house-sitting, followed by campmeeting. We were so blessed to get acquainted with the newest Arctic Adventurers headed for St. Lawrence Island and Bethel. It is such a thrill to see the mission growing. Lee Venden's meetings also touched us greatly with a sense of God's amazing love. You can listen to God is passionately in love with us and would rather die than live without us. I am so full of awe as I think of it.

After we returned, we spent a week cleaning the house and the church because a group of kids decided to have an extended homebrew party here. It finally got us motivated to do a much needed church rearrangement. We now have a computer lab ready for Warren to teach others computer and electronic finance skills.

August kept us in the garden and on the tundra picking berries as well as visiting friends. Sharing from our garden and of homemade bread gives us such a feeling of wealth. We also moved back into our schedule and started school. I am very much looking forward to another of discoveries with the girls.

The radio project is doing so well. I wanted to write about it earlier this summer, but some things were still up in the air. The software is quite stable now and Fritz Pleier is excited about his part in assembling the kits into their cases. We also have another network becoming interested in the project. I love watching God bring all the pieces together at just the right time.

Warren is also finishing installing wind turbines and wiring them. I am so looking forward to having wind-generated electricity.

But the greatest joy of all came yesterday. Warren had downloaded a three part series Lee Venden did on the Holy Spirit following Operation Latter Rain a couple of years ago. We were so blessed by what we learned. I had began to feel that I had lost my focus, but I didn't realize how much until this series touched me in a new way. Please pray for us to be filled with the spirit and we will sense his leading as he fills us with love, energy, and boldness for the tasks gives us. We can easily be distracted and are often tired, but knowing God is that one thing that fills our souls. Move us out, Jesus, is my prayer.

Jesus only,