Sunday, January 23, 2011

Maniilaq: Prophet Who Cared

Maniilaq's message was dominated by his desire to see his people less fearful and their lives easier. He often confronted the shamans and showed his people that God was stronger. But what really stands out to me is his caring for adolescent girls.

God really does work circumstances out so we learn the lessons he wants us to. Maniilaq had three younger sister and God began to speak to him when he was in his teens. Now the people of his area had the custom of sending girls to live by themselves for a year when they began adolescence or, if they got to stay at home, they had to wear a hood that would keep people from seeing their faces for that year. So about the time God would have shown him that this practice was wrong, his sisters were experiencing this themselves. His sisters were certainly the first girls that he began to visit and comfort during their year of isolation.

God has always cared about all of his creatures. He demonstrates this in his frequent denunciations by Jesus and the Bible prophets of the mistreatment of the poor and helpless.
His messages to Maniilaq were no different. What a loving God we serve!


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