Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maniilaq: Questioning his way to God

Over the past couple of years, I have been repeated challenged in my Christianity as I followed the dialogue between Warren and a former Christian turned atheist that I will call Kelly. Each time I have come away stronger in my beliefs. I have come to see it is important for every Christian to regularly examine their beliefs to truly understand the essence of Christianity. This is best done by getting to know non-believers.

This week I again examined my beliefs courtesy of Kelly. This time I realized that like Kelly there is no middle ground for me between atheism and Christianity. But for me the desire for righteousness and the evidence for Christianity are too strong to abandon my beliefs. I believe for Kelly the pain caused by Christians is too deep to trust "their God", though Kelly would tell you the reasons are scientific.

Maniilaq must have been asking questions as well before God revealed himself. God can only show himself to those who are looking for him. I see Maniilaq as a boy with a tender heart who didn't like what he saw in the shamanistic beliefs around him such as restrictive taboos, shamans who used their powers against others, and the isolation of teenage girls. God saw a boy he could use to show his people a God who loved them and a better way to live.

God choose a very gentle way to begin to talk to him. It began with a small white bird Maniilaq had never seen before. This bird spoke of Father and Son, Father and Son. Source of Intelligence, Source of Life. This is a very trinitarian and biblical picture. The dove (strange, small white bird) didn't talk about himself, but instead about God the Father and God the Son. I believe further revelations helped Maniilaq to know the Father as The Grandfather and the Son as "One in White". (Jesus was revealed to Ezekiel, Daniel, and John the Revelator as dressed in shining white linen.)

People need satisfying answers to their questions. We need to be people who are always exploring. This is the only way that we can know what the questions are and thus be always ready to give an answer for our hope with meekness.


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