Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What God Brought In

Things have been exciting here lately. Firstly, I am encouraged that two men in their thirties are beginning to attend church with us. As much as we love seeing the growth in our older members, it feels good to have some fresh younger faces worshiping with us.

Our house has been empty of visiting kids and it was quiet, too quiet. Despite the fact that we had trust issues with the kids who were coming, it didn't feel right. But in the past two weeks, a completely different group has been coming. There are five girls and up to three of them have been here at a time. Sara, Abby, and Miriam are enjoying playing school and other games with them. It is so nice that my girls have friends again.

Yet, what I like best is that they have an interest in vegetables. Two nights ago I served alfafa sprouts and spinach to make sandwiches. J and K, who were with us, seemed to really like them. We had been given some alfafa seed to share and I had a couple sprouting kits to spare. I hadn't given any away yet, because I wasn't sure who would be the most interested. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for. J and K are very excited to be growing their own sprouts now. They also asked to take some of the spinach home to show their parents. How could I say no? I am hoping to get some of the quality lids I have seen at Sproutpeople to give others interested in sprouting.

My girls have started us on a new project that I am hoping to spread in the village. It began with a sprouting garlic clove that Sara wanted to plant. Then they wanted to plant any seed they had. That got Warren interested in indoor gardening. Finally I got the gardening bug. I am hoping to grow snap beans, snow peas, carrots, collards, kale, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes. If we are successful, we will have viable gardening option to share with Selawik besides all the enjoyment our family will get from it.

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